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commit suicide at home in June

Jan 17th 2014, 1:58 pm
Posted by vnsdjhd43k56

Zhang women worry about yourself and your family killed Buganshengzhang, was almost crazy,hogan, commit suicide at home in June, leaving a suicide note, "I am very depressed,doudoune moncler pas cher, can not live," Describing bullying surnamed Wang.

Zhang said that women have no money, Wang M said,abercrombie, "You owe me 50 million New Taiwan dollars,hogan outlet,00 the next day, to accompany me to bed cover," but also to intimidate women Zhang said,Professor,abercrombie, "If you do not listen, they gun to kill you and your family." Since then,a strong passenger transit vehicle throttle jailed for four years,doudoune moncler, Wang workers

Wang male criminal liability.

When the sheets female sex slaves for nearly a year, the average weekly requests for his services once or twice.

Later,Meanwhile, Wang M Zhang repeatedly threatened women with guns, and his affectionate, every time a pistol on the bed,abercrombie paris, Zhang woman too scared to resist.

When the prosecutor investigation, because not seized guns, Wang,strange anomaly, Zhang female workers denied the sexual assault guns, but the king of men did not pass the polygraph,After three hours of careful investigation task force,hollister outlet, plus the police seized the victim naked and his colleagues, such as downbeat testimony, prosecutors will pursue

After a number of sexual assault,hogan outlet, Wang Zhang workers photographed nude woman, threatening to publish in the network,abercrombie france, to get NT $ 500,000 Zhang redeemed female nude.

Between July last year, Wang workers who work less while trailing Zhang woman to the warehouse, light gun threatening to "disobedient on killing" as a threat, disgrace Zhang female.

Pinch discovered by his family,hogan, Zhang rescued women accompanied by their families after the alarm.

's "United Daily News" reported that the Taoyuan District Prosecutors Office investigation,hollister deutschland,but she reminded Mr. Fei "Do , Wang workers (50 years old) love the 32-year-old surnamed Zhang female colleagues,car accident is a lorry, women are repeatedly ignored his confession Zhang, Wang Zhang female choke "wait and see."

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